Monday, July 16, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun @ Men's Health / Shape Night Run

This entry deserves to be accompanied by one of my favourite songs during those days ;)

This event is one of the anticipated night runs for many of us runners here... And a run that my Gs and I are looking forward to and play dress-up again ;) Last year, the Gs and I paid tribute to the late King of Pop, MJ... So this year, we went all the way back to the 80s and decided to colour the night with out outfits ;)

I was still nursing an injury which I'm not quite sure of as I've been feeling it way before Sundown Marathon back in May... Maybe I need to get advice from my pretty running friend and doctor, Pui San on this... So I was pretty much running in pain last Saturday night... My favourite uncle flagged off the race again this year at 8pm and I managed to say hi to him after crossing the start line...

So, Apprentice and I decided to run this year again and we were making sure that we did not lose each other too :) And we caught up with Senorita and Kam after the 5km marker and we spent a good few kms running and chit-chatting... And cam-whoring of course ;)

The organisers slightly changed the route this year... But the distance remained the same (12.2km according to my Garmin) even though the stated distance was 11.8km... I must say that it was a nice change this year and definitely preferred this route even with the rolling hills! But one thing that the organisers have not learned from the previous years' installment - Putrajaya is hot at night especially when there are a total of 6500 runners! Hence, isotonic drinks of even sponges at the water stations would've 'helped' the runners to get through the 12km route...We even saw a runner fainted by the side of the road and I have a feeling that it was because of the heat *Sigh* I hope that guy is alright now...

At the last 1km, we both decided to dash towards the finish line... And of course smiled for the cameras... After all, we were too colourful to be missed *perasan* ;P

Apprentice and I just before crossing the finish line...
Pic credits to Idola

We both crossed the line at 1 hr 24 mins and were placed at no 154 and 155 respectively... No improvement from last year but I'm just glad and happy to complete the run with my fellow G :) Oh, and the organisers decided to increase the limited finisher medals from 100 to 300 this year... Thank you dear organisers for that! So, we were happy to secure one of the medals into our collection ;)

With Apprentice..
Thanks for putting up with me during the run ;)
And you finally got your medal this year... Yay!!! 
Pic credits to Idola 

With my 80s sisters and our medals ;)
We were definitely the most colourful runners! ;)
Pic credits to Idola

A group shot with part of the running familia here that's growing day by day :)
Pic credits to Idola 
(I'm using all of your pictures ok? :P)

I also came back with an additional souvenir this year... My big right toe-nail decided to die on me at the last few kms of the route... And it was just about to heal from last year's TNF... Oh well, my toe just doesn't wanna be pretty :P 

"When the working day is done, oh girls just wanna have fun" - Cyndi Lauper-
And we sure did :)
Pic credits to Shanaz

That's all for now folks... No more races 'til the month of Syawal... Gotta just train and set my mind on Chicago now :) 

Oh, and any suggestions on what should the Gs wear for our next race? ;)

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  1. Cam whoring also important skill in running :)
    Have an enjoyable training for Chicago marathon!