Monday, September 5, 2011

Question of the day...

Happy Monday everyone! :)

Here's one thing that I would like to ask my readers and friends out there:

"How do you open up your heart and let yourself FEEL the presence of love again when you have conditioned yourself to block any emotions that might loom from within?"

Will it be through:





Please share your thoughts on this... Because I am still trying to figure out the answer to this... :) 

I do wish that there's a Dummies book for this :P 


  1. When you know you can live with the flaws he have because it's only the good of him that matters most :)

  2. Dear gediks,

    I had been ur silent reader, never ever leave a comment. Btw lurve ur blog so much and its inspired me to run and enter lots of running event. about ur question i would like to give my humble opinion. all the element (time, forgiveness, hope and optimism) related to each other. To FEEL the love again, it start with forgiveness just forget the past, life must go on kan..and there is a reason rite why GOD make ppl become pelupa?. Then equip ur self with lotsa of optimism ppl around ur. Why? becoz if ur surrounded with -ve ppl ur will suffocated and penat...same like when ur running if ur have running buddies that chanting "lari2 u can do it" and ur can finish the run mcm makan kacang. then once ur energy level (optimism) at the fullest bar, berdoa (another definition of doa is harapan=hope)to HIM and let the time decide when ur will let ur self FEEL the love...insyallah.



  3. tsb: agree with you... acceptance and toleration... thanks! :)

    sueintan: awww thank you so much for reading my blog! and i really appreciate your views on this... insyaAllah, i will feel it again (optimistic)... :)