Thursday, February 4, 2010


(pic taken from Original Bootcamp page on FB)

I've recently joined this fitness program, as it was recommended by non other than my two fitness freaks-cum-running partners, Rose and Nyna..

They MADE me attend the 'Bring A Friend' session in December, and I thought of giving it a try... So I've decided to sign up for the January KL Alpha (5:45am) program (3 times a week) since both of them are in that program as well (Cari gang punya pasal)...

I have to say that I was struggling for the first 2 weeks when it comes to waking up and staying alert at work after every session of bootcamp...

See how marah I am whenever I have to bangun for bootcamp? :P

And the workouts that you have to do for every session is TOR-TUR-OUS!!!

Grunts, Starjumps, Military Push Ups, Military Sit Ups, Squats, Bear Crawl, Monkey Walk, Crab Walk, Flipping A Tyre (as big as the truck ones), Sandbag, Jack Knifes, Frog Jumps, 'Waving' the Rope, Grinders, Mountain Climbers, Diamond/King Kong Push Ups, Thrusters, Seal Claps... You name it... We pretty much have done it all at Bootcamp :P

Oh, and not to forget, Nyna enrolled me into the 100% ACE group (Attendance, Commitment, Effort), where we HAVE to attend to every bootcamp session, or else we'll have to don an outfit!!!

The Kiasus

So yes, I've attended all 12 sessions in January (Kiasu power!) and currently in my 2nd month for bootcamp... 

Every 1st session of the month will be the assessment, where you'll have to complete 2 assessments: 1 routine (3 rounds of 400m run, 10 push ups, 10 grunts and 10 sit ups) and a 1-mile run... And based on the timings, they will place you into one of the 3 groups: Delta (the super fit ones), Seal, and Ranger...

When I first started, my timings were bad: 13:59 for the routine and 12:34 for the 1-mile run... So I was a Ranger...

3 days ago, I clocked in at 9:36 for the routine and 9:18 for the 1-mile run... :)

ANDDDDDDDD..... I'm in the Delta group now...  :D :D :D

(*Hooyah is a customary 'cry' that we use when we want to show our enthusiasm or another word for 'OK' for the session)

More about the peeps that I've met from bootcamp soon!

So, ada berani to come and join me? ;)

PS: If you want to know more about bootcamp, do visit their website at

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