Thursday, December 27, 2012

Highlights of 2012: #1 The Gs

Top: Police Gs at Standard Chartered KL Marathon
Bottom: 80s Gs at Shape Night Run

3 different continents, but we all wore the same 'uniform' for our last marathon event of the year :)

I guess all of us became selective when it comes to running at races this year ;P

But it doesn't matter, since I adore and have mad love for these girls, in and out of our running shoes :)

Looking forward to play dress-up again next year with my girls :) 


  1. Niceee... didn't know running can be this fun!

  2. Wow!..another girl runner inspiration..and on a different planet too!..hehe..anyway, congrats on your 2012 achievements and wish for the best for your 2013 adventure.. ;-)