Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Devilicious Gs @ Nike We Run KL 10km

Who needs Batman when you can have four devilicious Gs? ;)
Pic credits to Idola

It was my first race upon returning from the States and this event was my third 10km race...

This was Nike's second running event... The first one was held last year on the day that I proudly called myself a marathoner in Melbourne, 10/10/10... 

And because I've heard rave reviews from the last year's race, I decided to join in and be part of the massive 'red' runners this year ;) 

It was also my first race running with a new pacer this time around, Deo ;) 

I was chasing for the sub-1 hour finish and am stoked to have crossed the line just below the 1 hour mark!!! :D :D :D 

I'd say that this event is so far the best organised 10km race that I've ever participated in... From the reasonably priced fees, to the adequate water stations with volunteers and organised race village on the day itself...

Oh, and I loved the exceptionally rolling route!!! Kudos to the organisers and Nike for throwing us the runners a big fun party on Sunday! :) 

I shall let the pictures speak for this post ;)

Another round of making this a fun run for the Gs...
Yeap we were the red devils (not Man U yeah :P) ;)
Pic credits to Missy

Dashing towards the finish line...
Pic credits to Aiman

Thanks to my pacer, 59 mins and accomplished my mission! 
Could've done better but I'll take that time for now ;)
Yayyyy!!! Thanks again Deo for putting up with me especially at the last 2km of the race :)

With Idola... 
He's so photogenic kan ;)
Pic credits to Idola

Skirts galore with Herr G!
Pic credits to Missy

Trying to notty-fy our Mr Reindeer ;P

The Gs interrogating Deo to see if he wants to be a part of the crew ;P
Pic credits to Idola

It was supposed to be his next race with us...
Arwah signed up for the race at my place a day before the adidas KOTR's race with Missy...
My very good friend, Mizi ran on behalf of arwah...
You did him proud, G... 
We still miss you... Al-Fatihah

One more race to go and then I am d-o-n-e for the year! :)


  1. Well done Princess. Lepas ni, I tak nak jadi pacer dah. I nak jadi pacee je hehehe

  2. wah, idola cukur bulu kaki for the race huhuhu

    (o btw, nice race, lah)