Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 2 Training - Post Report

A very late entry on last week's trainings since it's going to be the end of the week already! ;)

Ran only once on my Happymill last week.... I was running di luar and ran 3 times! Yayyyy!!!

1) Tuesday - 11.2 km (Lembah Kiara Park & The Hills)
2) Wednesday - 3km
3) Friday - 6.5km (KLCC Park)
4) Newton Challenge Run - 25km

In total, I ran about 45.7 clicks last week...

I have yet to run this week... Still having the hangover from Newton's Run and  have been running errands for madam...

Need to run tomorrow 'til Sunday before resting it out a bit next week...

Plus I've been walking a lot for the past few days at the mall, so that considered as training also right? ;)

Oh, and I'm officially legam from the run last Sunday... *Yikes*

Other than that, I went to watch Muzikal Tun Mahathir on Monday night and it was the worst local musical that I've ever seen! Highly not recommended to everyone...

There was no flow to the story, the script was bad, all of the songs sounded the same and you felt as though you're in a government function instead... Might as well spend your money elsewhere!

So, to redeem myself, I had my post-run junk food meal @ KFC (idaman ku selalu....):

Yummy dinner plate!!!

Can't believe that Melbourne Marathon is in 10 days time!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

I usually feel super 'moist' when I've done one of my running workouts....

Even before I run, I usually grease myself up with these 2 items on my skin so that Mr Sunny won't be able to go through my skin:
- Vaseline
- Sunblock

And not to forget, Vaseline lip balm for my lips...

Most of us runners know for a fact that it's a standard practice to put on lots of Vaseline before running to avoid any nasty chaffing that may occur on our body... Even adidas had an ad to prove this back in 1999:

After running your heart out, nothing beats a cold shower to moisten yourself up! ;)

I have a sensitive skin, so it requires me naturally to slab on lotion onto my body on a daily basis to avoid any dryness or itchiness when I'm out and about...  Especially when I'm working out!

So, when I heard from NuffNang that Vaseline has launched a new range of body lotion that caters to different skin needs, I was ecstatic!

And I quickly bought the Total Moisture one at Guardian since I like to experiment on products and want to provide the best care to largest organ of my body! :)

The new body lotion range from Vaseline: Total Moisture, Healthy White, Aloe Cool and Fresh & Intensive Rescue

I have to say that the lotion leaves my skin feeling moisturised, smooth and soft... Oh, and that the smell is pretty yummy with its combination of soya and oat extracts... :)

Will definitely try out the other 3 lotions when this one runs out...

Now, I know for sure that I am and will be moist enough before AND after running...

And that I now celebrate my amazing skin with Vaseline everyday, even when I'm sweating it out :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Newton 25km Challenge Run... the most challenging run that I've ever participated in for this year! (Or maybe in my 2 years+ of running)

I couldn't sleep the night before the race, had steak+cheese from Subway and included chilli sauce (bad had move!!!)... So I suffered that night with my tummy growling and howling at me... Only managed to 'nap' for about 2 hours before waking up again at almost 430am... :(

It wasn't so hard to find the race point... Thanks to my ex-colleague that gave me the directions since she's a Puchong-ian...

I went with my marathoner-to-be friend, Luyen...

With Luyen and Chun before the start!
These 2 are going to run where marathon was conceived next month - Athens Marathon! 

The race started at 630am, but I think it was kinda late for us the 25km runners...

Managed to bump into a couple of the running bloggies at the first couple of kms and at the 8km loop since they were on the other side already... Lajunya...(nice to have finally met you Khairul, Ian, Jamie and Nik!!! *Please be kind with the photo captions k Nik :P*)

I underestimated the run badly... I thought it was just going to hilly at certain kms... But tipah tertipu, it was hilly all the way!!! I was fine at the first 12km, but after that I went into a battle with my legs and my mind... Oh, and the heat was just madness!!!

I think we were at km10-11 here...

I almost wanted to give up the run due to the kepanasan-yang-teramat but I needed to train for my Melbourne Marathon...

And out of the 7 water stations, ONLY one was supplying 100Plus... Like crazy ke apa?!!! We're not freaking Kenyans la organisers!!! Thank God I had my electrolyte drink in one of my bottles on my fuel belt...

I did a lot of walking between 17 - 20km punya area since I didn't want to 'butcher' my legs... And the marker decided to appear at the last 5km of the route!!!

Of course, Tey the ultramarathoner-cum-photographer was waiting to snap all the runners running toward the finish line... And I was camera ready :P

The standard peace pose :P

The "happy that I'm about to cross the finish line" jumping pose

The running pose (I guess) :P (So 'legam' already by this time)
My fav shot of the run from Tey 
Thanks for these awesome pixxies Mr Tey!!! :D

I completed the run in 3 hours and 21 mins (official net time) and managed to grab the 'limited' finisher medal... Yayyyyyy!!! :D

With my 25km finisher medal! :)

But boooooo to the organisers for the inadequate drinks... (Both Milo and 100Plus were finished when I completed the run... :().. Nasib baik uncle jual ice cream came and save us!!!

Camwhored with the usual suspects (and new ones too!) after the run, of course... :P

With Nik of Enaikay
Teasing me with his brand new Camelbak... Tak offer pun? :P

With Chun, Nik and a fellow bootcamper...
Skema posing you Nik! :P *peace*

With YKK, who'll be running at the Melbourne Marathon as well :)

With Luyen... She couldn't complete the run as her knees gave away...
Better get them checked girl!

With Meor and TSB from DM...

With the gorgeous doc, Pui San

With Ms Lily again...
We were pacing together at the start... :)

With Carrie, who was chewing on ice before I told her where the ice cream uncle was ;)
Pic credits to Dannie

With Erni... We're always bumping into each other! ;)

Nevertheless, thanks to all of the runners that chatted with me to keep me going 'til the habis line...

And congrats to all runners for completing the super challenging run!!!

My legs are 'snapping' at the unusual areas and they're in pain at the moment... Oh well, the price you pay for running up and down the hills... :P

Next: Melbourne Marathon on 10.10.10 (my first marathon!)... Can't wait!!! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things that Ms Road Runner will do...

For the next 3 months or so ;):

  • Train for my first full marathon - In progress
  • Eat (moderately but also have a splurge day!)
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day
  • Read all the running + story books that I've bought but have yet to lay my hands on them
  • Run, run and run
  • Write more on this blog (Though the internet at home's super sucky :( )
  • Run at other parks than the TTDI one
  • Be my parents' slave :P
  • Meet more runners (hopefully!)
  • Cooking 
  • Hang out more with my Penyeris and Oprah ladies
  • Baking
  • Try to get side income(s) - Must think of something pretty soon!!! (Anybody want to hire me? :P) 
  • Travel 
  • Be closer to God insyaAllah :)
  • Update my resume + apply around! 

I think the list above should keep me-the-jobless going until I have a new job ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quotes of the day...

I was browsing through YouTube (since I am usually home these days... wonder why :P) and stumbled upon this video filled with inspirational and funny quotes on running...

Hence, I'd like to share and dedicate this video to all of you runners and runners-to-be out there :)

I hope this video will put a smile on your face and gets you in the mood to...well... run ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 1 Training - Post Report

Since it was still raya (gotta blame on something :P), only managed to run 3 times on my treadmill last week:

1) Tuesday - 5.5km
2) Wednesday - 3.5km (had to run errands for mother, which is more wajib than running.. Haha)
3) Friday - 11km

So in total, I only did 20 clicks only when the plan was to do at least 30 clicks...

MAJOR catching up to do this week... And need to run at the parks more and probably visit the infamous Kiara hills as well...

Thank God that there won't be any open houses or weddings to go to (I think!) for this week...

Either than that, I collected race packs for my friends and I yesterday for this coming Sunday's Newton Run... So this will be my LSD for the week...

And my girlfriends did an impromptu roadtrip to Melaka yesterday and I think I've gained back all of the calories that I've burned by eating this last night:

Super sinful ice kacang @ Jonker Street!
The gula melaka was just heavenly, luckily I decided to exclude the coconut milk!

Hope everyone will have a good week ahead! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Training Mode = ON!!!

How was everyone's raya celebrations? I'm sure all of us are pretty stuffed with the usual suspects on the dining table (lemang, ketupat, rendang, biskut raya)... ;)

I had a weekend retreat with my beloved family at Port Dickson after visiting my relatives in Masjid Tanah, Melaka...

Of course I didn't forget my running shoes ;)

So now, I'm back and fully recharged (I think :P) to train for the remaining days that I have left for my first full marathon, which is like less than a month to go... Erk!

I need help with the food intake department - what would be the best meal(s) and drink(s) for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner that's good for your tum tum and body when you're training for your first marathon?

Appreciate the suggestions! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eid Mubarak!

Dearest all,



I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Raya....

May Allah continue to shower His blessings to you and your loved ones throughout the year and the upcoming years as well (insyaAllah) :) 

Ms Road Runner + Family

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's Your Curve ID?

(Note: I was supposed to post this entry yesterday but the Internet at home went cuckoo!)

I am sure that most of us started buying a pair of jeans with Levi's right? ;)

It felt like the 'right' thing to do when it comes to buying yourself a new pair of jeans...

I started wearing my brother's hand-me-down Levi's jeans back in high school, and I am still collecting them up till' today :)

So, I was flipping through the latest Women's Health issue last night and I came across this ad by Levi's:

Levi Curve ID Have you got your ID?? or is your ass still looking for the right pair of jeans to wear LOL ??
Pic taken from here

Levi's has launched a new women's jeans line that celebrates the curves that us women have... Super yayyy to that!!! ;)

There are 3 custom fits for Curve ID:

1. Slight Curve
2. Demi Curve
3. Bold Curve
(Pic taken from here)

Here's the TVC of the collection:

So, I've googled and found out that the collection is available here in KL already!!! Yaynesss!!!

So ladies, go and check them out!!! And fellas, be a good man and get your lovely girlfriend or wife a pair ;)

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Till' we meet again.... :)

Hello digital world again! ;)

After almost 3.5 years working as part of the servicing team at my agency, I decided to leave my first ever job after coming back from Melbourne for good...

My ex-colleagues decided to throw a farewell/buka puasa dinner for last Thursday at Mum's Place, Damansara Perdana (highly recommended to all of Nyonya food lovers!)...

Please try the Devil Curry Chicken and the Sambal Petai Cencaru when you're there...
And the Pulut Tekan for sweet tooths!

Instead of getting a farewell card, my ex-colleagues gave me this:

A farewell canvas ( will frame this soon!) :)

Will definitely miss all of you! :)

When I started working at OT, there were only 4 of us... And now, we've grown into a dozen... I'm so glad that I was there to witness the agency's major milestones throughout the past 3.5 years... 

Oh, and remember my post about Bloggie by Sony here? Well, I got that for my farewell gift :D

My very own Bloggie in my fav colour, blue :)
(Must pose with my new toy soon! Hehe)

I guess they wanted to 'be' with me in spirit when I'm carrying this around while running :)

Will definitely try this out on my next running event!

So yes, I'll be bumming around for a couple of months/ when my savings have dried out :P

I'm still fishing around for my next job... So suggestions/openings are very much welcomed here... :)

Will be updating my blog more though it'll take some time to upload one since I am using my laptop from my uni days... *Erk* (Note to self: Get a brand new one with the next paycheck!) 

And of course, I will be running more to prep myself for my first full marathon ;)